Take Ethereum to the Next Level with zkEVM Rollup on Polygon

• Polygon’s upcoming zkEVM rollup is set to reshape the blockchain industry.
• The rollup will be backed by zero-knowledge proofs, which are a censorship-resistant protocol replicating the transaction execution environment of the Ethereum mainnet.
• Jordi Baylina, who leads the technical team building the Polygon zkEVM, gave an overview on YouTube of how it works and its technical components.

What Are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?

Zero-knowledge (ZK) technology is a cryptographic solution reshaping the blockchain industry. They execute languages and low-level bytecode at a programmable level, backed by the same rules as the Ethereum mainnet. It is a virtual machine that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to verify data without revealing any information about the data’s content or properties. It is a censorship-resistant protocol replicating the transaction execution environment of the Ethereum mainnet. Vitalik Buterin categorized zkEVMs into four main types: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 ZK EVMs.

Technical Details

The zkEVM rollup will define unique data infrastructures such as ProgramCounter, GlobalCounter, EVMWord and GasInfo/GasCost which include elements such as stack, memory and opcodes in order to simplify memory related operations for developers. The system also utilizes new processors and assembly language for transactions processing as well as providing censorship resistance capabilities up to a certain point since it isn’t universal yet.

Polygon’s Technical Lead Explains What To Expect From ZKEVM

Jordi Baylina leads Polygon’s technical team building their zkEVM rollout set for March 27th this year. In a YouTube video released on Mar 2nd he explained what users should expect from it when implemented in addition to giving an overview of its capabilities and technical components behind it.

Project Overview

The project is described as “a full engineering project” which requires multiple teams working together in different layers across stacks in order to build out its complete infrastructure consisting of hardware and software components required for successful deployment onto Ethereum’s Mainnet network by March 27th this year when it goes live officially.


Polygon looks to be one of first projects deploying an Ethereum Mainnet release with their zkEVM rollout due Mar 27th 2021 being one of hottest trends that will shape cryptocurrency innovation this year onwards with numerous companies eager exploit its potential benefits upon launch .