86% of Bitcoin Days Profitable, Yet Just 61% of Holders In Profit

• Worldcoin whistleblower publicly severs ties with project, says it ‘deserves whatever will come next’
• Nate Chastain sentenced to three months for insider trading at OpenSea
• Binance allegedly maintains ties with blacklisted Russian banks despite Western sanctions: WSJ

Bitcoin Profitable on 86% of Days

Since August 2010, Bitcoin has been profitable on 86% of days relative to today’s price. This means that entities who purchased Bitcoin on any one of the other 4,081 days are in profit as of press time. However, with Bitcoin down over 60% from its all-time high, currently only 61% of addresses are actually in a positive position.

Nate Chastain Sentenced for Insider Trading

Nate Chastain was sentenced to three months in jail for insider trading at OpenSea. This was due to him using his knowledge and position within the company to make financial gains from illegal trades. The judge ruled that this was a serious breach of trust and had far-reaching implications which could have damaged the reputation of the exchange and its users if left unchecked.

Binance Allegedly Maintaining Ties With Blacklisted Russian Banks

Despite Western sanctions being imposed on certain Russian banks, Binance is reportedly maintaining ties with them according to an article published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The exchange has yet to comment on these allegations but it highlights how cryptocurrency exchanges may be increasingly coming under scrutiny by governmental bodies and international organizations alike.

Sam Bankman-Fried Allowed One-Time Internet Access

  Sam Bankman-Fried was allowed one-time supervised access to the internet so he could meet with lawyers regarding his case. He has been accused of violating US securities laws through his involvement in various cryptocurrency projects and is now awaiting trial pending further legal proceedings. This decision shows how seriously courts take such matters and also serves as a reminder that even those involved in blockchain technology must abide by existing laws or face severe consequences.


Federal Judge Rules Art Generated Purely By AI Cannot Be Copyrighted

  A federal judge recently ruled that art generated purely by AI cannot be copyrighted as it does not meet the requirements set out under US copyright law. This decision sets an important precedent for other countries looking into regulating AI-generated art and content going forward, as well as showing how technological advancements can often raise difficult legal questions which need careful consideration before reaching a conclusion.